Will Bushell - Fine Art

Series Statement

Juan De Fuca Series


The initial inspiration for this series was the visual experience of the seaside. The distant distortions (Fata Morgana) that manifest in the oddest ways. The shoreline, the clouds, the ships and sailboats, a bunch of kites scratching away at the sky. And the experience is heightened because all of your senses are in overload. But inevitably the working surface dictates what will be. A bit of cut paper from the studio floor finds its way on. A drawn line will always tell its own tale, but all the while the ocean experience is there nudging the story.



A Shape so Real


We look but know
we see what is not.
The light refracts.
Our eyes perceive
a shape so real,
a distant shore,
perhaps a ship
of monstrous size,
or structures at
the edge of – what?
A mountain floats
among the clouds.
Never mind,
a kite will tie all.


© William Bushell 2016



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