Will Bushell - Fine Art



Will Bushell was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and received his art education at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary and the University of Alberta In Edmonton.

Primarily a painter, Will has since exhibited his work in Calgary and Victoria, BC, where he currently resides with his wife Helen, also an artist.


Artist Statement


My early works were based on or informed by the figure, portrait or human form of some kind. The figure remains present even in the abstractions with the curve of a line or floating shape (probably not recognizable until I point it out : “just there, see”?). I can’t say I’m not influenced by the landscape and it creeps in quite regularly. I suppose the one thing that remains constant is line. It’s more dominant in some works but always there nonetheless. It’s my anchor to everything else. Music is always playing when I work (jazz the favorite).

I was born and raised on the prairies which may explain why I feel so at home on the coast. Big skies and long horizons can anchor me just like the line.


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